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来自新西兰的 SILERE终于到 CCKLocal了⁉️



? 羊臀腰肉 -顶部有脂肪,可以为肉增添美妙而浓郁的风味。
? 羊架 的味道浓郁。
? 羊里脊肉 又瘦又多汁。
? 羊前腰脊肉 是柔软多汁的脂肪层以获得最大的风味。



Guess what? SILERE from New Zealand has landed on CCKLocal⁉️
SILERE alpine origin merino, one of the world’s best-kept culinary secrets?

Merino roams freely, foraging on native herbs and grasses such as golden tussock and wild mountain thyme.

It originates from such a fresh and unspoilt environment.

? The Lamb Rump has fat cap runs across the top is for maximum tenderness & juiciness.

? The French Rack known as a premium cut with a rich and robust flavour.

? Lamb tenderloin is lean & juicy.

? Lamb Short Loin which is tender&juicy with fat cap left on for maximum flavour.

#suitable for pan roasted, chargrilled or barbecued.

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