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CCKLOCAL Kuching – 20/9/2021 Onwards Operating Hours

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CCKLocal Kuching – [NEW ARRIVAL] BIG Wang Frozen Musang King Mooncake

Mid-Autumn festival 🌕is coming. Best choice for gift is Big Wang frozen Musang King mooncake.😋😋 Unique taste, full of fruity aroma, exquisite gift and gift insulation bags. Welcome to our…
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BENTOREE NOURISHING SOUP  BENTOREE 养生炖汤🍲 Feel troublesome to drink nourishing soup because need to cook from scratch? No worries! Bentoree Nourishing Soup can be taken straight from the cup and…
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CCKLOCAL Kuching – Closed for Sanitisation

We will be opening from 8am to 1.30pm on 02/09/2021 for sanitisation. This is so that we can offer a better service and ensure the safety of all our customers…
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CCKLocal Kuching – Horlicks Promotion until 17/10/2021

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CCKLOCAL Kuching – Updated SOP of National Rehabilitation Plan Phase 2

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CCKLOCAL Kuching – Mooncakes Arrival!

Mooncakes Arrival🥮 The Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner!🥳 Wide range of choices for you to choose from✨ For the upcoming Mooncake Festival🌕, they are the perfect tasty treats and…
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CCKLOCAL Kuching – New Products Arrived!

✅Our Hai Di Lao Instant Hotpot finally restocked 📢 & we also have Miao Qu You Instant Rice Steamboat ‼️ ✅Variety choices of Fruit Jams & Spreads to enrich your…
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CCKLOCAL Kuching – 1st Round Of Anniversary Give Away

Greetings to our Locals📢📢📢 🎊CCKLocal is turning 1 Year Old this 31st July 2021 🎊 We will be giving away RM3 Voucher with a minimum spend of RM73.10 in a…
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CCKLOCAL KK – Musang King Durian available in store now

🔥Musang King Durian🔥‍ Now Available at CCKLocal Kota Kinabalu Also known as The King of Fruits arrived freshly from farm😋 It's rich, creamy & sweet! The interesting thing is that…
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CCKLOCAL Kuching – SILERE from New Zealand

来自新西兰的 SILERE终于到 CCKLocal了⁉️ 世界上保存最完好的烹饪秘诀之一😱 美利奴羊自由漫游,以金色草丛和野生山百里香等原生草本植物为食。 它起源于这样一个清新和未受破坏的环境。 🥩 羊臀腰肉 -顶部有脂肪,可以为肉增添美妙而浓郁的风味。 🥩 羊架 的味道浓郁。 🥩 羊里脊肉 又瘦又多汁。 🥩 羊前腰脊肉 是柔软多汁的脂肪层以获得最大的风味。 #最好用平底锅烤、炭烤或烧烤 🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫 Guess what? SILERE from New Zealand has landed on CCKLocal⁉️…
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CCKLOCAL Kuching – Foie Gras available now

💫 Foie Gras finally here✈️ Foie Gras, French well-known delicacy in French Cuisine. ✅Its flavour is described as rich, buttery, and delicate, unlike that of an ordinary duck or goose…
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CCKLOCAL Kuching – New Arrival Italy Products

CCKLocal's New Arrivals‼️ Italy Products🇮🇹 Make your meals yummy with the Taste of Italy😋 Olitalia the brand used by most chefs in Italy specifically designed to meet the different needs…
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CCKLOCAL Kuching – Musang King Durian

🔥 Musang King Durian 🔥 Best not to miss a taste of it😋 This Musang King Durian are from Bentong, Pahang. It’s bittersweet, rich and creamy!😱 Durian Feast on your…
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CCKLOCAL Kuching – 26/6/2021 – 6/7/2021 Operating Hours

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CCKLOCAL Kuching – Variety of Korea & Japan Products new arrival!

Korea & Japan Products Good news to all the fans of Korea & Japan Products! Variety of Korea & Japan Products are available in store now! Here's some photos for…
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CCKLOCAL Kuching – Australia Angus Beef available now!

Angus Beef Now Available in CCKLocal! ✅Used in most high end restaurants. ✅Known for the high level of marbling in the meat. ✅And where there's marbling, there's tender, juicy and…
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Introducing the NEW CCKLocal Festive Edition Membercard. You can purchase it now at any CCKLocal branch in Malaysia.
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Healthier Ramadhan Cooking Live Show

The show will be going live at both CCK Local Sarawak and Sabah facebook. Suitable quick and healthy Ramadan dinner for family (2 adults 2 kids)
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CCKLocal Kuching – CCK Roasted Chicken available every weekends

Tender, Juicy CCK Roasted Chicken available in CCKLocal Kuching every Saturday & Sunday now!
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Master Pasto Offer

Master Pasto Ready Meals made for you, just Heat & Eat offer from 01/04/2021 - 30/04/2021
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CCKLocal Kuching – 2X Points 双倍积分

After all the Chinese New Year Buzz🎉 CCKLocal will delights all shoppers with double membership points! 🛒Shop and get 2X points on every transactions!🛍️ 2X points applies on 03/03/2021 to…
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CCKLocal Kuching – CCK Roasted Chicken is Back

Tender, Juicy CCK Roasted Chicken is back! Due to overwhelming success to our recent Roasted Chicken Sale, We are holding another sale for CCK Roasted Chicken ! 🍗 🗓️25th -…
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CCKLocal Kuching – CCK Roasted Chicken available in store

 Chinese 牛 Year Special Tender, Juicy CCK Roasted Chicken available in store! 9th - 11th February Original / Hot n Spicy RM 18.88 each Drop us a message to order!…
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CCKLocal Kuching Limited Edition Angpao Packets giveaway

🏮Happy Niu Year!🏮 You can now redeem CCKLocal Limited Edition Angpao Packets with minimum RM 138 spending in a single receipt at CCKLocal Kuching from this Saturday (06/02/2021) !! For…
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CCKLocal Kuching Chinese New Year Business Hour

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CCKLocal Kuching Lucky Draw Giveaway Winners Announcement

Pure South Malaysia x CCKLocal Kuching City Mall Lucky Draw Giveaway Winners Announcement Congratulations to our 10 lucky winners! Thank you all for the support! Our team will reach out…
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CCKLocal Kuching Chinese New Year Mandarin Orange

Chinese New Year Mandarin Orange available in store now. Come and grab while stock last.
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CCKLocal Kuching CNY Yee Sang/Cold Platter available for booking

Chinese New Year Japanese Prosperity Yee Sang & Japanese Prosperity Cold Platter available for pre-order in store now. 新春限定日式捞鱼生和日式冷盘特拼已经在店内开放预定。 at least Pre-Order 3 days before collection date. 至少在取货三天前预订。 Order only…
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CCKLocal Kuching 7 December 2020 – CCKLocal x Pure South Christmas Lucky Draw

Grab your chance to win the hamper. Contest Period : 7th Dec 2020 to 29th Jan 2021 Please check here for more details :  
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CCKLocal KK 1st December 2020 – December Wine Promotion

The festive season is coming! It's the perfect time to prepare for a celebration with our fine wines. Promotion period: Now - 31 December 2020.
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CCKLocal KK 30th November 2020 – Giveaway Winners Announcement

Congratulations to our 5 lucky winners! Thank you all for the tremendous support in participating our giveaway, we can't wait to bring you more exciting goodies! Stay tuned! Our team…
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CCKLocal KK 20th November 2020 – Giveaway Contest

We're feeling a little giddy from all the love we've been receiving since our opening, so we thought the best way to show you our love is to give back!…
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CCKLocal KK 18th November 2020 – Operating Hours changed

Our operating hours will be changed to 10AM-10PM starting tomorrow (19 November 2020)! Happy shopping!
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CCKLocal KK 17th November 2020 – November Wine Promotion

The festive season is coming! It's the perfect time to prepare for a celebration with our fine wines. Promotion period: Now - 30 November 2020.
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9th November 2020 – CCKLocal Kota Kinabalu Official Opening

CCKLocal KK officially opening on 9th November 2020 Business Hour : 10am-6pm Location : City Mall, KK
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CCKLocal Kuching 22 August 2020 – Our Membership Program

Join our membership to enjoy exclusive products at exclusive price
Pineapple Portrait ShotLatest News

CCKLoal Kuching 15 August 2020 – Operation Hours 9am-10pm

We closed at 10pm daily. Come on in and see for yourselves.
Soft OpeningLatest News

31st July 2020 – CCKLocal Kuching Soft Opening

We opened our doors for business.