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Ingredients 食材


650g (1 whole) red snapper, cleaned and gutted

650g (一条) 红雕鱼,清洗和去掉内脏

45g garlic, finely minced


30g ginger, peeled & sliced thin


50g Lee Kum Kee seasoned soy sauce for seafood


100g cooking oil

100g 食用油


Garnishing 装饰

7g spring onions, sliced small


10g coriander, leaves only




Method: Steaming the fish 方法 : 蒸鱼

Fill your steamer ¾ full with water, taking care to ensure the water doesn’t reach the holes of your steamer. Keep the steamer covered and bring it to a boil


Important! Get a plate large enough to fit your fish and check to see that it fits in the steamer. It’s fine if the fish hangs out of your plate a little, unless you plan to use the same plate for serving.


Place fish on your selected plate and stuff its cavity with sliced ginger.


Once water is boiling, transfer the plate of fish into the steamer. Cover and steam for 10 minutes. The timing may vary according to the size and type of fish you use, so check that the steamed fish reaches an internal temperature of 63°C for perfect doneness.


Once fish is cooked, turn off heat and remove plate of fish from steamer. If you’re using a different platter for serving, carefully transfer the fish over.


Making the sauce 酱料制作

Heat cooking oil in a small pan over high heat.


Once the oil is hot, about 1 minute, add minced garlic and fry until golden brown, stirring constantly to ensure garlic cooks evenly and doesn’t get burned.


When garlic is brown, about 1 minute, turn off heat and remove the entire pan to a heat-resistant surface. Do note though that the timing for browning the garlic will vary according to how fine or coarse you have chopped it, as well as the temperature of the oil and pan, so keep a close eye for the change in colour.


Add soy sauce directly into the pan and stir until thoroughly mixed.


Pour sauce all over the fish.


Garnish with spring onions and coriander.


Serve while still hot.


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